Preventing the effects of humidity

Even a small amount of humidity can have catastrophic effects on product characteristics. Desiccant masterbatches ensure dryness where it is needed the most. These masterbatches are the result of decades of experience. Over time, we have created a product that adapts to certain thermal conditions and can be used for a variety of applications. Along with a let-down-ratio (LDR) of only one
per cent, our Desiccant masterbatches have numerous other advantages:

Throughout subsequent processing steps, Desiccant masterbatches allow the use of highly sensitive materials that may emit water molecules during production processes. Moreover, the output capacity of further processing steps can be increased because the entire moisture content will be absorbed by the
Desiccant due to the elevated melting pressure.
The application of our Desiccant will enable you to use materials that themselves absorb humidity before processing, for example, unpacked raw material or recycled materials that absorb the humidity in the outer layer during application. This means that a high percentage of recycled materials can be used together with these masterbatches, with the purpose of making them implementable in price sensitive low-end applications.