Generating added value: polyfil Masterbatches for Fibers and Nonwovens

As a market leader in manufacturing of masterbatches for the fiber and nonwoven industry, we have gained over 20 years of experience that we are able to use to your advantage. 

The production of fibers and nonwovens is a sensitive area within the plastics processing industry. It is important to avoid that inconsistencies within the process or in the quality of the raw materials negatively affect product quality as well as the efficiency of production.

Our high-quality masterbatches for fibers and nonwovens are the key to your success within this field of application:

  • UV-stabilizers
  • Heat stabilizers
  • Antistatic-Masterbatches
  • Flame retardants
  • White- and color masterbatches
  • Softening agents
  • Processing aids
  • etc.

Alternative carriers or individual product solutions are, of course, available on your request!