polyfil masterbatches make the difference

A protection against frost while maintaining a constant temperature at low costs is fundamental for the operation of greenhouses. Our Infrared masterbatches can play a decisive role in ensuring those qualities.

An intense research and development phase has significantly increased the thermal energy saving capabilities of our IR-absorbers. This optimization also concerns our two new highly specialized infrared masterbatches. The Highly Transparent IR was especially designed for areas with low solar radiation
values. It generates a minimum amount of diffuse light, while maintaining a high level of translucency.
The Super Diffused IR, on the other hand, generates extremely diffuse light without any losses to the light transmission.

This ensures that the photosynthetic activity is preserved in the entire greenhouse. At the same time, the diffuse light seems lower and accelerates the growth of the plant.

With the help of our masterbatches’ performance, you can increase the yield and quality of your harvest, while benefitting from considerably lower energy costs and shorter harvest cycles.