Mediating between glossy and rough

In many cases, surfaces are intended to be glossy, but occasionally they are also made to be delustered.
There are typical application areas where a matte surface is desired:

  • transparent, opaque and colored (e.g. gold, silver) films that require a matte appearance
  • heat-sealable films
  • metallizable films with matte finish (steel optics)
  • matte films with a high friction coefficient (COF) and packaging films with a high slip resistance

By using Polyfil’s matte compounds you will be able to precisely control the level of glossiness and roughness of the surface. The products are based on specially selected α-olefin polymers. The matte appearance of the BOPP-films is achieved through their surface roughness and with the help of our perennial experience we are able to precisely control this factor by using a combination of suitable

All the essential film characteristics, such as low gloss, high turbidity, and soft-touch effect can be achieved with Polyfil matte compounds. Thereby, all types are easy to process and designed to avoid nozzle sediments.