Optimal protection, smooth unlocking

Packaging materials that are easy to open are a necessary “obligation” in today’s industry.

By utilizing the Peel compounds developed by Polyfil, you will ensure that the closure of plastic films can be smoothly unlocked. A frequent application area can be found in the boundary layers of coextruded structures. The detaching properties of cohesive withdrawal films is created by a specific incompatibility
within the plastic material and occurs at a predetermined breaking point. CONSTAB and Polyfil have developed a broad range of Peel compound products for PP and PE-films. These products are suitable for PP-food applications as well as medical- or pharmaceutical packaging. The CONPEEL compounds represent a new addition to our range and are mainly used in coextruded films that are
produced with Cast-PP-film extrusion lines.

All CONPEEL products can be condensed with the help of hot seal- or ultrasonic welding processes and are sterilizable.