New challenges await us in almost all areas of plastics production – be it through more rigid environmental legislation or changes in consumer behavior. Therefore, we are all challenged to recognize new trends at an early stage and to develop innovative products.

As part of the Kafrit Group, we are not alone in our efforts to develop innovative products, but benefit from the research successes of the other partners.

Thus, together we already have some interesting new products and processes to show:

Lower weight due to better foam agents:

  • Our Ecocell® foaming agent, which effectively saves material in injection molding and blow molding applications.
  • A cell size of approximately 100 microns enables uniform, fine surfaces and improves impact strength while reducing weight. Materials produced with it are smoother, more opaque, have higher thermoforming potential and retain physical properties better than conventional systems.

Environmentally friendly crop protection through innovative masterbatches:

  • Instead of environmentally harmful pesticides, sulphur, which is more environmentally friendly but attacks agricultural films, is being used more frequently again in the agricultural sector. In Kafrit’s laboratory, sulphur-resistant masterbatches, which are excellently suited for thin PE/EVA films, have now been developed and tested in extensive field trials. Field tests showed an astonishing durability of over 30 months.
  • 70% of the films even retained their strength after 36 months at a load of 3000 ppm sulphur. Ideal conditions for organic farming and the creation of a bee-friendly environment.

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